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solar exterior screens

our community has strict guidelines for exterior door colors. in order for my solar screen (exterior) project to be effective i will need to cover a door with a non compliance screen color. what takes precedent, the architectural guidelines or energy efficiency. researching this on the internet i came across an arizona case 923 pr hoa court case but the link was broken. i will be presenting my project to the board for approval but wanted to have any issues they could have with color noncompliance backed up with legal rights i may have. thanks for any assistance.

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  1. dennisl


    First are you a condominium or a planned community (HOA)? Your rights vary based on this issue. for the sake of discussion I’ll Assume that you live in and HOA and you own the home you live in. Arizona has laws that protect the installation of solar energy devices such as water heaters and power panels but not solar screens. I’ll also assume that you believe that the screen color that you want for the windows in your house will not be an issue. If the association has no restrictions on the color of screens for windows they also have to restrictions for the color of screens for doors. You are not painting your door so the restriction on door color cannot and does not apply to screens. If the association does have restrictions on screen coloring then you must comply with that standard and that standard would apply to both windows and doors. Having said that you can still apply for a waiver of that standard based on the availability of the color options for 80% or 90% solar screens.

    To your direct question there is no precedent setting between energy efficiency and architectural guidelines. The rules of the association are the rules. If the association wants to consider energy efficiency they can change the rules to accommodate that feature. But until they do the ARC standards must apply to every home in the community. The only way to override this is to change the laws of Arizona to force the associations to accept energy efficiency efforts despite any restrictions that would prevent that effort in the associations governing documents.


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