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When we have our annual meeting do minutes need to be taken. Usually we do not even have an election since we have a board of 7 and usually the same board stays on year to yeat, but this year we did have an election thus the annual meeting was held where winning candidates were seated and positions chosen. thank you

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  1. dennisl


    Minutes should be taken for all meeting of the board and of the members of the community.
    Elections should be held every year for any board member who’s term has expired. If your community likes that board member than he/she will be reelected.

    There is nothing more dangerous to your community than an entrenched board that believes that they are not accountable to the community that they serve and that they hold that power over the community with immunity.

    Arizona law requires that a meeting of the members be held at least once every year. Not just called but actually held.


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