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2 questions

Our bylaws do not address this: When our last HOA meeting was held we talked about solar lighting our 2 pathways to the pool. I made a motion to let our committee volunteer purchase a light under $100 to try out. One board member said a motion didn’t need to be made if under a certain amt (she thought $200)–I don’t know where that came from, so thought I’d ask you.
2nd- During Covid the board announced in a newsletter we would waive late fees. They did not give an end date… Now I assume we need to post again in a newsletter that as of a certain date, late fees will be enacted?
Thank you—by the way, is there a way to search this site for topics already discussed?

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  1. dennisl


    The board is free to establish expenditure controls in any way that they see fit but whatever they do it must be initiated at an open meeting and voted on by the entire board. For example the board can authorize the president and treasurer to expend anything under $2,000 for emergency repairs or actions that cannot wait for a board meeting to be held. It may also authorize any specific individual board member to approve the expenditure of any item that was included in the approved budget. Non budgeted expenditures should be moved and approved by the entire board. All of this is not specified anywhere but reflect a common sense approach to the board fiduciary duty to the community.

    Transparency and formality in board actions is always best. If you decided as a board that for a time period you would waive late fees that is fine and i assume you communicated that to your community in some fashion. If now you believe that you as a board would like to reverse that decision going forward that again is within your power and authority but it will be essential that your insure that all members are made aware of this change so that they are not caught in a situation that they were not aware of.


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