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HOA Assessment

I live in a HOA townhome community. The HOA has mismanaged funds for years and our reserves our depleted to extremely low levels. Our roofs are beginning to leak, and our HOA is supposed to be responsible for the roofs and exterior for the buildings. They are looking at current estimates of $1.5 – $2 million for replacement, and there are no reserves to pay for it. The HOA wants us members to pay for our new roofs at around $10k or more per owner. Are they able to due this? Is it worth suing if this were to occur? I wish community members would get involved we are all get screwed by our board. I just want to sell but the rental market isn’t going to make that feasible. If I don’t sell before I’m assessed I’ll have to pay the assessment which I don’t have the money for before I sell I assume. Either way it won’t be favorable for a buyer.

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