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Open meeting question

Dennis, Our HOA board did not have an August meeting due to Pres an VP being out of town…Now they have decided we have so much to deal with at our Sept 10th meeting we need a premeeting. I believe open meeting law needs to be followed and we must post (we will email and put on web page) that the board is meeting and I believe the time frame is at least 48 hrs…(right?) SO we will NOT be voting on anything. Question is: must minutes be taken and posted? Must we allow homeowners who might attend to ask questions/open discussion?
Thanks again for all your help you’ve been!

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  1. dennisl


    You are correct in all your assumptions. 48Hr notice, members are allowed to attend. it is up to the board if any detailed minutes are taken and if you want to get any input from the members present if no vote is actually taken. Cearly if any actions are taken the details of that action must be recorded in the minutes of the meeting and if the board does not vote on anything you do not under the law have to allow the members to speak before the vote.

    As always what you have to do and what you should do is quite different. You should at the very least record that a meeting of the board took place to discuss several issue and no actions were taken. As a simple curtesy to the members that attended your could ask their input on the issues that were being addressed. This builds respect and engagement and provides insights that the board may not have considered. Involving your community in the business of your community makes for health and constructive communities where everyone feel valued.


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