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Posting a transcription of a board meeting on social media

I recorded our most recent monthly HOA meeting and it contained a lengthy discussion on a topic that has been of much interest to our community. I transcribed that conversation a few days later and posted it to Nextdoor, ensuring that it was only visible to the neighborhood within the HOA. I’m now being told by our management company that I must take it down because it was a private corporate meeting and I did not have approval to publish records of the association. Do I legally have to take it down?

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  1. dennisl


    You absolutely have the right to record any meeting of the board and to share that recording with any member of the community, the same would apply to your transcript because that recording and transcript are your property and not the associations. Any member of the community could have attended that meeting and heard it all for themselves. I added the protections for members to record meetings for exactly that purpose to share that information with members of the community that could not attend that meeting. I also added provisions in the law that would allow that recording to be used as evidence in any court proceeding against the association.

    It is also not a record of the corporation. The only record of the corporation relative to that meeting are the official minutes of that meeting that are approved by the board. Even if the board recorded the meeting and made a transcript of that recording it would not be an official record of the meeting. From my experience the management company is blowing smoke as usual and this is an idle threat.


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