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Rules of Conduct

We have a board that is going to run a husband and wife for office. I thought this was not allowed ?
But when I ask questions, I am told that they fixed that, or that the board decided it was ok.
Are there state rules for HOA’s to abide by ?

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  1. DennisL


    There are State laws relative to HOA governance but they do not address this issue. Your bylaws would dictate. Do not trust anyone’s explanation for what the bylaws allow. Read them yourself. While some do allow a husband and wife from the same household to run for the board most do not. Membership is limited to the owner of record for a property and if the husband and wife are both listed on the deed then either one can run but not both. It is my belief that allowing two occupants of the same property be be on the board is always a bad thing for the community because it provides a vast amount of power to one household. These two member get to cast only one vote as a member but if they are both on the board the cast two votes in a board of 5 or more directors. For board of only three board members a husband and wife cannot both be on the board because they would violate the open meeting laws for the state. Two members of a board of only three members would constitute a quorum so anytime they ever discussed anything about the community they would have to post a notice of that meeting and allow any homeowner to attend.


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