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Community docs for all to see

Our new Board originally promised transparency and that all community documents and association records would be organized on a share drive for all to see. Things changed fast and now our Board is keeping those documents (that are available upon request) to themselves. Specifically, while they won’t refuse them if you ask, they won’t put them all up on the community management web portal, for easy access, browsing, or viewing, either. This makes it a “guessing game” for new Members: how can they know what specific file to ask to see, if they can’t even see it in the first place?

Having been around a long time, I have all the community documents and association records. These are not “Board privy” or anything like that. I’m thinking to just create a Google share drive (or?), and put them up there myself, and then give “share permission” to every Member of the community. That way, everyone in our community has one-stop-shopping for all our archival documents, community newsletters, etc. Members could then browse to their hearts content, viewing the document titles, making their own informed decision as to which they want to open and read further or not.

Is there anything the Board can do to stop me from doing this? Or, any other suggestions or “cautions” you might add?

Thanks for the favor of a response.

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  1. DennisL


    As you know I’m not an attorney so providing you cautionary advice on such an endeavor is outside my capability. As public information available to any homeowner on demand from the association i do not believe that there are any issues of concern for doing this. You may want to make sure that they are not available to anyone that is not part of the community.
    On the change of heart from your board that is the influence of the community manager that simply does not want to go the extra mile to post all the records for the community. They probably told the board that if you want to do that, they would charge them an extra fee every month that the board was not willing to pay. The reality is posting of electronic records is done with a few keystrokes and takes very little effort. But when a management company does not want to do anything out of the ordinary to help the community, they simply put an outrageous price tag on that service. Do not think for a minute that the management company cares in any way about the community that they serve.

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