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Question about AZHOC purpose and HOA Directory

2 questions: Is AZHOC primarily to support HOAs or members of HOAs? My other question concerns directories. I am a “Block Captain” lead for our Assoc. I would like for our block captains to be able to put together an email directory for the residents in their area in order to communicate issues. Our Board of Directors is nervous about doing this based on advice from their attorney. Other HOAs have directories. What is the procedure for putting a directory together correctly?

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  1. DennisL


    I and this organization seek to help the true stakeholders in these communities the homeowners or unit owners and the board members that represent them. Once again, the board wants to do something right for their community and either the attorney or the community manager try to stop it. Turmoil in communities generate billable hours for attorneys so never thing that attorneys are advising board in the best interest of the community.

    The issue here is publishing private e-mails of individuals without their permission, so the solution is make it voluntary. Simply request permission from each homeowner to use their e-mail for community messaging. Community managers use this all the time they simply don’t share that information (e-mail addresses) with any homeowners. Many communities do this on a regular basis and solicit information from the community to publish in a community directory on a voluntary basis, and update that information every couple years to cover people that have moved out or in over time.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this as long as it is done on a voluntary basis. If someone does not want to post his e-mail or phone number on the directory they do not have too, it is their choice. Do not in any way threaten to deny access to any of their rights or privileges in the community on the basis of whether they allow their contact information to be published.


  2. joseph

    A question: does my HOA have the right to send violations on my rear yard that is not viewable from the public street or sidewalk ? the HOA is asking me to send photos to them of my view fence in the rear yard to prove it is in good condition.

    1. DennisL

      The association has the right to cite violations of the specific written requirements of the CC&R’s and rules of the association. The rules of the association cannot impose more restrictive requirements on your private property than that imposed by the CC&R’s. Whether that involves the front or back yard is irrelevant, but if the CC&R’s limit all discussion to front yard or property viewable from the street then they cannot impose any restrictions on what you do in your back yard that is not viewable from the street. The specific language in your particular CC&R’s is what is most important. Unless your CC&R’s specifically require you to provide pictures of your back yard (i’ve never seen one that did) you are not under any obligation to do so simply because the association asked you. If they have the right to inspect your back yard in the CC&R’s then they can make an appointment with you for someone to physically come to your home to inspect your property. Never make it easy for them to do this, this is clearly an abuse of their power and it will never work in your favor. They should be more concerned about maintaining the common property then looking in your back yard.

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