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Erosion Problem in a HOA

Our community has an erosion problem. The group of new Board Members, taking office in Jan 2022, want to deny our Civil Eng. Reports defining and outlining our erosion problem. Instead, these new Board members want to name our erosion problem ” Land Management”. They are telling the community that the word erosion is too scary and negative.

What are the possible consequences of calling an erosion problem by another unrelated name. If the homeowners do no want this name change what is our recourse?

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  1. DennisL

    If your community has a maintenance issue with the common property the association is responsible to address it no matter what name they put on the issue. Whatever the specifics of the issue that you have the members of the community have a right to insist that it be addressed reasonable and responsibly. Remember the money to address any community issue comes from the members themselves and does not grow on trees. Please also remember that not all issues have the same level of concern to all homeowners so please also remember what you see as an erosion issue I’m assuming from water drainage concerns others may not have the same concern. The board is duty bound to act in the best interest of the community as a whole and not just to the concerns of individual homeowners. If you can gather your friends and neighbors and they all have the same level of concern then go to a board meeting as a group and voice your concerns and ask that the board do something to protect the common property or the potential to damage your homes.


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