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Question on Agenda

We had a board meeting last night and on the agenda was to “discuss Gerrie’s memorial”. Background on this: a longtime resident died. She lead our pool exercise classes for yrs. The family held funeral reception at our clubhouse and people gave cards with $. Family gave $ to HOA pres asking to “get something for the pool as a memorial for her”. So item came up on agenda. Discussion started that $$ collected, maybe get a piece of yard art for pool….Then interrupted by a homeowner who said the board had no business discussing this at a board meeting, as it was setting a presidenc for everyone who died in our community. Was the board out of line on having this on agenda? Thanks.

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  1. DennisL


    Absolutely not. It’s the board meeting they can discuss anything that they want. As i understand your situation the community donated money in honor of this long time community member, who provided service to the community for years. There is no association money being used in obtaining this memorial. Doing things like this is what make these communities, communities of homeowners with real lives and real contributions to the betterment of life within these communities. Even if association money was being spent on a memorial to the service this particular member gave the community, I would be hard pressed to find any fault with the actions of the board.

    We would all be better off if more boards recognized the real people that live in their communities and acted more like a community rather than a corporation.


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