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Security Cameras

Our HOA board recently installed security cameras in our hall ways, while I personally don’t object to security cameras I believe they should have been more transparent. We were not even notified that they were going to be installed. I believe in part they were installed because our HOA President is using them as a weapon against one or more of the home owners. Our CC&Rs state that board meetings most follow the open meeting laws except when sensitive materials are being discussed e.g., law suits, personal information issues, and that meeting notices must be posted 48 hours in advance for executive board meetings and 10 days for owner board meetings. They also state that if board members can not meet in person that there must be a speaker phone available so everyone can hear what is being discussed and voted on. Not all board members were notified that the meeting was going to take place, the two board members were each contacted by phone and when they let their reservation s known they were each told that they were the only ones that objected. There was not even a notice given that security cameras were being installed in the hall ways. The board gave the reason for the cameras was because some packages were stolen and that they would be able to see who stole them. When they were first installed my husband said that the President just wants to spy on people she didn’t like and he told me that he old prove it, well I believe he did not being the most diplomatic he would give the finger when he passed a camera and sure enough last night at a board meeting the president said there was a man in a wheelchair that was giving her the finger on the camera and that is considered a terrorist act and could have him arrested. It appears she is watching the cameras most of the day to be able to catch him. There is nothing in our CC&Rs on the use of Security Cameras

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  1. DennisL


    There are many appropriate and legitimate reasons to install security cameras. And in fact, the association may be held liable for crimes that occur on the property if they do not take necessary precaution to protect the residents if credible threats exist or could be reasonably assumed in the area. See Woodmar IV Condo v Martinez. But as you mention there are appropriate ways for associations to take any action, and appropriate ways for associations to communicate their decisions to the members or unit owners. Yours does not appear to have done either of these things appropriately. I would need to know more about how the vote and decision was taken to provide any opinion on the appropriateness of the process for the decision. This is yet another example of the difference between how an association board can take actions and how they should take actions. It is not unreasonable for homeowners to question the motivation of installing cameras when they were never informed that they were to be installed or for what reason. You have a right for privacy and security. Getting one at the expense of the other is always inappropriate without some assurances on how the cameras will be used and monitored.
    The actions of your husband were not at all inappropriate and if I were in his place, I would have done the same and maybe more. The threat of the board president is absolutely meaningless and idle. There is clearly a difference between security and unwanted surveillance and invasion of privacy.


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