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Serious Concerns

We live in a 55+ community and the activity going on is very concerning. We are not sure what avenue to take. There is a list of construction/remodel projects for the property that are in the millions. One after the next. The restaurant is open to the public but is called an amenity and loses approx 300, 000 a year that our dues pay to keep it open. A growing number of people are asking questions and we are called names. : troublemakers, dissenters, disruptors… by management and board members. There is a group of people that are involved with circulating emails with the intent to slander residents they don’t want to run for the board or be on a committee. This is an ongoing and constant situation. Guidance is appreciated.

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  1. DennisL


    A lot depends on exactly what your CC&R’s say about the restaurant relative to common property. Having common property that is open to the public opens up a lot of liability for the association including but not limited to ADA compliance issues. Typically, when restaurants are included in the development that are not included in the community and operated as a separate commercial entity that may pay some level of commercial assessment to the community but not receive financial subsidy from the association. The language within your CC&R’s will dictate. If you send me a copy of the CC&R’s I’ll read them for you and let you know how best to proceed from there.
    Harassment and intimidation are far too common in these communities especially amongst seniors. But absolute power corrupts even the most well-meaning individuals, and they will resort to anything to retain that power.

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