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Homeowner in Condominium HOA

Does a 10% owner of a tenancy of common property get to be the one that votes for that property? Can he run for the board etc.? It is my understanding they have all access to property and common area (also owned by all property owners). Situation where 90% owner sold 10% and allows 10%er to occupy while 90% inherited the waterfront property. 90%er now owns 2 of the 24 units. Both are anti the majority of the establishment and the 10% er runs around like he owns the place. Thanks

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  1. DennisL

    You have an unusual situation and the CC&R’s will dictate how that situation is handled. I’m assuming that the property was not subdivided and is still one lot. As one lot it gets one vote and the owners of that lot get to decide who provides the vote for that one lot and tells the association. You do not get 10% of one vote, even if you pay 10% of the assessment for that lot. One vote cannot be subdivided. Whomever is determined to be the member of the association and the owner of record gets to vote and then run for office, the other owners do not.

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