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HOA Responsibility

HOA does not maintain common areas. Gave me explanation of “is this a nice to have or need to have?” They got a $1milion dollar settlement 10+ years ago. I asked for an audit which is stated in the CCR’s & was asked by HOA Manager, what do you mean? My real question is: who hold the HOA accountable & why do i have to pay $500 dollars to file a formal dispute to make them do their job? Is there any legislation that gives them time frames that homeowners are held to ? If not who can I contact to start process?

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  1. DennisL

    In Arizona only the homeowners can hold the association accountable to the law. That is a fact of life and unless something significant changes and the people in this state join together to demand that some form of oversight is provided on a state level over these communities this will never change. I do whatever i do whatever i can to get legislation to help the homeowners in this state and have a little over 1000 member in my coalition but when i ask those members to write or call legislator to support my legislation I get around 100 responses. I would need around 20,000 and 10,000 letters to get the attention of the legislators.
    You have two options to enforce the law, the ADRE dispute resolution process for $500 per issue, or a superior court suit needing an attorney at $300/hour or more. To me the ADRE process is a bargain if you are prepared. Most homeowners lost before an ALJ because they are not prepared or understand what an ALJ is allowed to consider.

    You have already started the process for change by simply joining this coalition. I will keep all of you informed of the need for further action and if there are specific issues you feel need to be addressed then let me know and I’ll see what I can do to get that addressed.


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