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CPA firms that are recommended for HOA

Is there a way to search for a topic in your archives so I don’t ask a question you’ve addressed before? If you dont’ have this, I think a key word search option for your achives would be a great enhancement to your site. I
I apologize if you’ve answered this question before. Is there a list of recommended CPA firms for HOA’s in AZ? Also, are there estimated costs for a compilation, review and audit for small, medium and large HOA?

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  1. Dennis Legere

    I don’t deal directly with any CPA firms so I cannot recommend any. I’ve been having my web developer work on a keyword search feature for the site for exactly the reason you stated for some time now but have not yet been able to launch that feature. All I can say is that it is coming soon.
    There is no easy way to answer your question on cost because of the variables involved. So much will depend on the vendor chosen and the complexity of your common property and long range plans.


    1. Todd Stevens


      I had worked with Dan Martin at Barry & Moore CPA to engage a look into our HOA’s finances in 2019. The firm seemed knowledgeable and willing to help determine if finances are being handled properly.

      Unfortunately it was never completed for murky reasons.

      At the time they offered a compilation plus type service, which comprise the balance sheet
      and the related statements of revenues, expenses, and changes in fund balance, and cash flows for the year. They quoted $1500-$3000 for this service and $250 for the years taxes.


      1. Dennis Legere

        I approved this comment to be posted only because it consisted of information that was 4 years old. Cost of services are somewhat proprietary and should not be published on a web site like this. The dated nature of the content I believe to be or no real value to anyone. I will say that a compilation is the simplest form of financial review available to an association and consist of simply an affirmation of the financial reports provided by the community manager or association treasurer. There is absolute no Indepth analysis or affirmation and the quoted price from that relative time period is outrageous for such a service.

        1. Todd Stevens

          I understand, I was using the range from then as a general idea.

          It seems my posting is causing more issues than assistance.

          It is good to see people interested in their community finances.

          Please remove my account and posts.

          Thank you and take care.

  2. Tracy Swaim

    In regards to searching, I have had some luck using google with the following term:

    and your topic. “site:” tells google to only search that domain. So, a search that looks like this cpa

    will look for all occurrences of “cpa” on the website. May not be perfect, but it helps!


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