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Architectural Review Committee Meetings

Our Associations’s Architectural Review Committee has sole authority and decision making power over all change requests. They hold monthly meetings, but never disclose an agenda or prepare and retain meeting minutes for community review. The claim is that they are discussing “personal information” which allows them to hold it as a closed session. Because change requests are only for items Visible From Neighboring Property, I would think these meetings should be hosted much like the monthly board meetings: 48-hour notice, agenda provided, open to all members who wish to sit in, homeowners can ask questions before decisions are rendered, etc. Is there a specific reason change requests could prompt a closed session?

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  1. DennisL


    Because the committee holds monthly meetings it is “regularly scheduled” and under the law is required to comply with the open meeting laws for planned communities or condo’s. The open meeting exception that would allow closed session for personal information does not apply to architectural change request and is totally inappropriate. That is public information visible to all homeowners once the project is completed. the same way violation notices are public information because they can be seen by anyone on the street with a knowledge of your governing documents.
    Unless the association has rules requiring the approval of the ARC to file for divorce then there would be no case for any ARC change request to be consider in closed session.


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